I like to learn, I like to think and I ask, “why?” a lot. So I’ve gathered experience in many areas: film and TV production, sales and more than 10 years of experience in PR, marketing and corporate communications. I like the variety of agency, business strategy knowledge and reputation management that come with working in-house, and the challenge of technology B2B environments. I hold a Master Certificate in Internet marketing and certifications in Advanced Web Analytics and Advanced Mobile Marketing from University of San Francisco.


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  1. Hi, Terra, this is Deb, the lady you have sung karaoke with and will hopefully sing karaoke with this Friday at the Tap Room and Sunday at the Moon Dog Tavern contest. I must have deleted the message that told us about the contest, and I wonder if you could tell me if the band Sunday can change the key of our song. I have been with my dad in the hospital in Bloomington and was not sure (and am still not sure) that I would be doing the contest, so I have not memorized a second song’s lyrics. So I thought I would do a song that has easy lyrics I could memorize at short notice, but this song is pretty low. Do you know if the band can change the key of your song?

    Sorry to bug you, but I need to work on the song asap so I don’t embarrass myself. But I really want to do it because singing in front of a band is one of the greatest highs you can have! I hope all is well with you and am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night. Thanks.

    Deb Chafin

    my email address at work (I can’t access any other of my emails from work) is: chafind@ips.k12.in.us and my phone number is 765-894-5025. Please don’t think I am a nut job.

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