Salvage a Sinking Ship: Take a Tip From Singin’ in the Rain

Singin In The Rain

Singin In The Rain (Photo credit: AndyRobertsPhotos)

There are so many things that transfixed me as a kid the first time I saw Singin’ in the Rain: the dancing, the costumes, Cyd Charisse’s green outfit. Watching it last Thursday in an IMAX theatre, courtesy of Turner Classic Movies, NCM Fathom Events and Warner Home Video’s big screen release, I was taken not just by every Don and Lina moment, but also by sheer innovation and the concept of not giving up. Continue reading


Six Ways to Gain Control of Your Day Working From Home

12 hours in 90s

12 hours in 90s (Photo credit: Astro Guy)

Working from home is great. Really. But it’s not quite the efficiency fantasy you think it will be, tackling work intermittently from the office and home. You imagine sitting on conference calls wearing your PJs, doing laundry in between conference calls, taking time out from writing reports to water plants, blogging while watching Ellen.

More often, your day looks like this: it’s 5:00 p.m. and you’re still in your pajamas, you haven’t had time to eat all day because you can’t get that email list extracted from the CRM in order to send out that email blast, research took more time than you expected and you’re going to miss your deadline, family members keep calling assuming you can talk–your boss isn’t standing over your shoulder after all–and kids, pets, name-your-distraction pull focus. And I haven’t even addressed Twitter and Facebook.

Your day just ran you, and you feel pretty helpless, lost in the to-dos. And just think: it’s even harder when you have to get 40 billable hours per week in. Continue reading

Six Ways Working Retail Helps Me (and You) Sell Products and Services Online

 Boost online marketing intiatives with sales tips from retailers

Boost online marketing with sales tips from retailers


Everything I know about sales I learned working retail. Well, not entirely. Some things I learned as a recruiter. Unexpected, right?

Regardless of career path, we all pick up valuable skills that transfer. I had a wildly successful stint as a sales lead at women’s specialty retailer White House Black Market before transitioning into Internet marketing. Here’s how that lower-level retail management job helps me every day as an Internet marketer–and how these insights can help your small business. Continue reading

No Time for Vacation? Find a Local Getaway to Recharge.

West Baden Springs Hotel, Midwest local retreat

West Baden Springs Hotel


We’re under pressure to design and deliver innovative solutions to customers while besting the competition. It’s exhausting being great. It’s exhausting to just be in the race. We push ourselves with sugar, caffeine and other vices to keep the ideas flowing, keep moving forward. But let’s face it: your body is not a computer. There comes a point when you need a break. You may have a retreat close by, an oasis right around the corner that can help you recharge. I came by mine quite accidentally. Continue reading

Small Business: Use Content to Boost Presence Post-Penguin, Panda and Semantic Search

Now it really matters what you say and how you say it online. Google’s semantic search is one in a string of factors affecting your site’s ability to be found online; it is likely to  have the biggest impact in how you present your products, services and organization. The shift seems more personal for a small businesses owner. Are you ready to give up brand prominence on Web pages to gain visibility? Continue reading

I’m no expert.

Since hurling myself into the world on Internet marketing, a process started via online education in hopes of career transition, I’ve seen sheer brilliance and a lot of noise.

Marketers are noisy people; they trumpet their place as thought leaders and/or experts in Internet marketing and its sub categories: social media, search, inbound, affiliate, etc.

Now, I graduated from University of San Francisco’s Master Certificate in Internet Marketing program in August 2011 and am currently pursuing Advanced Mobile Marketing and Advanced Web Analytics certificates.

But I’m no Internet marketing expert. Continue reading

Internet Marketing: Your Ideal Candidate

I’m in transition.

Preparing to segue from sales and corporate communications into Internet marketing and mobile strategy, I’m currently enrolled in The University of San Francisco’s Master Certificate in Internet Marketing program.

In the space between my layoff, cross-country move and foray into Internet marketing, I lucked into a retail job. You’d be surprised how many recruiters gloss over this experience. It doesn’t seem relevant to the job they are trying to fill, but I’ve learned more about marketing working retail than I did when I worked in the marketing department of a Fortune 500 company.

Because I now spend hours in direct contact with the customer. Continue reading