I’m no expert.

Since hurling myself into the world on Internet marketing, a process started via online education in hopes of career transition, I’ve seen sheer brilliance and a lot of noise.

Marketers are noisy people; they trumpet their place as thought leaders and/or experts in Internet marketing and its sub categories: social media, search, inbound, affiliate, etc.

Now, I graduated from University of San Francisco’s Master Certificate in Internet Marketing program in August 2011 and am currently pursuing Advanced Mobile Marketing and Advanced Web Analytics certificates.

But I’m no Internet marketing expert.I do have a unique understanding of how Internet marketing bisects communications and sales. I spent more than 12 years working in PR, corporate and marketing communications for technology, consumer and entertainment companies in Los Angeles. I worked in film and TV production, corporate video, retail, even served as a recruiter. It seems random, but the diversity of working in everything from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups has given me wisdom that apply in the most unsuspecting situations. You’ll find out more as this blog evolves.

Your ideas = unique

As you set out in 2012, consider how wide and varied your background is. Jobs account for what you’ve done, but who inspired you along the way? Your ideas and creativity have percolated from work and also from play, hobbies, activities and time spent with family and friends. Your ideas are unique because no one else has had quite the same experience in life.

Your life experience provides the tools that help you add value, whether you are a small business owner, executive in a global corporation, administrative assistant, barista or plumber. Standing out is more about owning and conveying the combination of strengths, talents, knowledge and experience you already have.


2 thoughts on “I’m no expert.

  1. How did you find the USF Advanced Web Analytics course? I am considering it. Was the information broad or specific? How much did it delve into actual analytics products like Google Analytics? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • I’m not sure if I responded to your post–I have a new website: http://www.hoskinsinteractive.com and have been focused over there. The USF class was good, we did a deep dive into Google Analytics. It got a little technical but the entire program was a lifesaver. Main advice: take the time to practice what the professors teach. It takes time to internalize and really learn this stuff. But well worth it. Good luck!

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