Six Ways Working Retail Helps Me (and You) Sell Products and Services Online

 Boost online marketing intiatives with sales tips from retailers

Boost online marketing with sales tips from retailers


Everything I know about sales I learned working retail. Well, not entirely. Some things I learned as a recruiter. Unexpected, right?

Regardless of career path, we all pick up valuable skills that transfer. I had a wildly successful stint as a sales lead at women’s specialty retailer White House Black Market before transitioning into Internet marketing. Here’s how that lower-level retail management job helps me every day as an Internet marketer–and how these insights can help your small business. Continue reading


Small Business: Use Content to Boost Presence Post-Penguin, Panda and Semantic Search

Now it really matters what you say and how you say it online. Google’s semantic search is one in a string of factors affecting your site’s ability to be found online; it is likely to  have the biggest impact in how you present your products, services and organization. The shift seems more personal for a small businesses owner. Are you ready to give up brand prominence on Web pages to gain visibility? Continue reading

I’m no expert.

Since hurling myself into the world on Internet marketing, a process started via online education in hopes of career transition, I’ve seen sheer brilliance and a lot of noise.

Marketers are noisy people; they trumpet their place as thought leaders and/or experts in Internet marketing and its sub categories: social media, search, inbound, affiliate, etc.

Now, I graduated from University of San Francisco’s Master Certificate in Internet Marketing program in August 2011 and am currently pursuing Advanced Mobile Marketing and Advanced Web Analytics certificates.

But I’m no Internet marketing expert. Continue reading